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April 15, 2018: The ABC’s of Listing: G, Gratitude

There are actual written lists and there are also mental lists, things that we consciously keep track of. In my head, today, I have been listing the things that I am grateful for. Some of these things follow. They are not listed in the order of importance.

  1. Sister
  2. Sister’s home in Portland.
  3. Rainy days.
  4. Good health
  5. Shared beliefs
  6. Trip Plans
  7. Good food
  8. Shared history

Most lists, as does this one, needs elaborating on in order for it to be understood by a larger audience. This context can either be provided verbally or written down. I am choosing to write it down.

Eleanor, she is my sister. She’s three years older than I am. I am visiting her in Portland. We have a shared family history, and so past, present, and future, there is always a lot to talk about. I am grateful for the fact that I am able to spend time with her as often as I do.

Rosie the Riveter

In a few days we will be doing our first trip together – we are going to San Francisco. We are also talking about heading to New York State in October, first going to the city and then upstate, where we grew up.

I am glad El lives in Portland. The town is too big for its britches, but for me it is a fun place to visit. This morning we went to an outdoor store and I purchased a used down vest, which is really warm. Glad to now have it.

Rainy days in Portland are good – this morning we went to Vancouver, WA and did a walk, in the rain, went and checked out statue of Rosie the Riveter – she being representative of the 10,000 women who worked in Vancouver in the 1940s during the war.

I am glad we are both in good health – able to get around and also not spending time talking about health issues. There are many our age who aren’t in this respect as fortunate as we are.

As we walked along, we did the values exchange. If El was politically to the right, I would not be able to be around here, and vice versa. We both agree that things have to change politically; the pendulum has to again swing back to the left.

Making trip plans – way fun, to attempt to figure out what we will be doing in San Francisco. I just wish that we were going to be in the city for more than two days. A week’s time would be way better.

Good food. I got in last night and was very hungry. El had made an incredible salad and lentil stew. I was so hungry that the meal was memorable. And today, after our walk, we came in and had the same meal for lunch. The food tasted even better the second time around.

I am most grateful for the fact that we have a shared history. I can talk with her about my past, and she knows what I am talking about. It’s sad, but we are now bereft – our father and mother are now both gone. So we only have each other and some relatives floating in the outer edges of our orbit. But at least we have them.

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