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March 25, 2017: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation with Raudi took place late this afternoon, after we spent a better part of the day together, first doing liberty (off lead) agility and then going for a ride. It was another blowsy day. We are obviously both looking forward to spring.

Raudi: Hmm, still lots of snow around here.
Alys: Hmm, still lots of snow around here, and icy spots, too.
R: I miss green grass.
A: I miss warm temperatures.
R: I miss soft ground on the road.
A: I miss the heat of the sun.
R: Well then, what are we doing here?
A: Hanging out, waiting for spring.

R: Is it ever going to come?
A: It’s late this year.
R: It’s very late.
A: But we are making the best of it.
R: We are?
A: Sure. Today we did agility work – you were off lead.
R: It was very windy.
A: Yes, and then the curtain tipped over when we attempted to walk under it.
R: I saw it topple – I knew it was going to go.
A: You did really well, you stood like a rock.
R: What’s to be afraid of? It’s just tarp and plastic and baling twine.
A: That’s right.
R: I’m nearly 14 years old. I now know about these things.
A: Otherwise, you seemed a bit bored.
R: Yes, the March course is getting to be the same old same old.
A: Hang tight. There’s going to be just a few more days of it.
R: Then what?
A: We’ll be doing the April course.
R: Oh.
A: Anyhow, after, we had a good time out on the trail, didn’t we?
R: It was nice to get off the road. None of us are happy with it right now. It’s really hard on feet.
A: That’s why we got out on the trail.
R: My hooves punched through in a few places.
A: We should have gotten out earlier.
R: Can we get out earlier tomorrow?
A: Yes. Dan may come over with Rowdy.
R: That high headed chestnut?
A: Yes, the young horse. She does not yet have much trail experience.
R: I can tell you what she wants at this stage of her life. She wants whoever is riding her to take charge and say - -“You do this.” “You do that.” That’s all.
A: That’s all?
R: That’s all.
A; Is that what you want?
R: Sometimes. I feel pretty confident now about my trail decision making capabilities.
A: You are doing really well.
R: There is one thing I could use.
A: What’s that?
R: More treats.
A: More treats?
R: Problem is, the better I do, the fewer treats I get.
A: Yes, this is a big problem. I’ll make a deal with you.
R: What’s that?
A: I’ll give you two-fers (two packer pellets) if at the end of a ride, I have any treats left.
R: How about three-fers?
A: Okay.
R: That was easy. How about four-fers?
A: Now you’re pushing it.
R: That’s what I do best.
A: Well, that’s what we most agree about.

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