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August 10, 2017: Dealing

It rained hard last night. It was raining some this morning. I prepared mentally and physically for a rain day, thought I’d be working inside. It cleared up by noon, and the sun came out this afternoon. Go figure. I felt very overwhelmed. I began a project that I have put off doing and actually should have waited on until some blustery winter day. But I finally decided to go for it. It was sort of like pacing a pier with no clothes on, knowing that the water is deathly cold, because you can see the icy debris. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I did jump. It's now too late to go back and undo what I did, meaning pull all the files out and begin reorganizing them-because I have already begun the process. I am

planning to go through them, a few each day, and put them in a better order whence they came.

I got to thinking as I was working – going through old files is like going backwards in time. You examine what you have, and at the same time think of the circumstances surrounding its acquisition. This is maybe why I don’t like doing it. But there is more work ahead. The top drawer contains drafts of various sorts – I need to prioritize my writing projects but I can’t do this unless I know what it is that I am prioritizing. This entire project is going to take a while.

I got my mind off this task by deciding to abandon it for a while. I did this by going outside and tending to/working with/riding the horses. Giddy Up – I was all for it. I first ponied Tinni, using the bicycle. This time I went a tad bit faster – he was up for it. He pulled away to get at grass at the corner of Sybarite and Samovar. This was my doing, I had slowed way down. But that was it – now, for sure I have a way of getting him exercise that’s at a brisk pace and does not hurt his back.

I next did agility with Tyra, then I rode her and Pete rode Tinni. We had a wonderful time out on our trail. Tyra is a real joy to ride – can be up front or behind, doesn’t matter to her. There is a feeling of newness in working with a very green horse, which is what Tyra is. If I could, and of course I cannot, I would get a new horse a year to work with, with me being the first person on this horse.

Once we got home, I did agility with Hrimmi. She did really well. And after working with Hrimmi, I rode Raudi who is now my steady eddy horse. Imagine that, me saying this. I will always wonder if things would have been different if when I’d got her, I had been a better rider. I will never know.

I am keeping track of all the horses’ P&R. Raudi’s heartrate was high today. I just hope she’s okay. Give me a bone to worry, and I will worry it. This is just my nature.

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