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August 11, 2017: Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day – today was like yesterday to the extent that I could just as well as run yesterday’s dispatch again today. Weather was similar, what I did was similar – well, I will do my best to get a differing take on today.

Filing cabinet organization. Yesterday I pulled forth all files from the lower cabinet – they were then strewn over my study floor. This morning I figured that I’d sort out a handful, and continue to do it this way. But I got going and did not stop until 3 p.m. It was sort of a waste of a day. But then again, the files are now sorted out and in the cabinet.

I have yet do the top drawer – it contains drafts of my work. I will get to this soon, but I might put it off until winter. Also depends on the weather. And after this, I will sort out my computer files. My intent is to take a step backwards and attempt to publish backlogged stuff. I have a lot of unfinished work. I must move backwards in order to move forwards.

Now that is a new concept: moving backwards in order to move forwards. I move fairly quickly, and so this is something that I must do. I would really like to work on one of my next ideas, a book about the use of images in riding – but I must return to old projects or the images drafts will also end up in the filing cabinet.

I am now too old to dither. I now know that I have a finite number of years left, at best 20 good ones. It is starting to look like being old is going to be a real drag – I will have decreased energy, time will move even faster, and my short term memory will be shot. I have been avoiding these realizations, and since my long term memory is going, will momentarily forget that I even thought of this. And that is in and of itself a good thing.

I got out with the horses around 3 p.m. Very late. I had hoped that it would stop raining and clear up but this didn’t happen. So I did what I usually do, which is ride in the rain. Rain gear is a wonderful thing – couldn’t live without it.

First took vitals on Tinni and then took him for a bicycle ride around the loop. We both enjoyed it. Tomorrow I might take him down to the creek and back. Sure am enjoying bicycling even though I have not yet gone far.

I assisted Pete with the building project in the playground area – a shed for my agility gear – and he assisted me with the horses. We took Tyra and Hrimmi for a ride on our trails – it was like riding in the tropics on a somewhat chilly day. I rode Tyra and she did wonderfully again. When, finally, we got to Siggi’s Loop, I put her out front and she was really happy.

Did agility with all three horses. They did not mind the fact it was raining.

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