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August 6, 2017: Another Hot Day in AK: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Hey old Man.
Tinni: Who are you calling old?
A: It’s just a turn of phrase.
T: Turn of phrase?
A: Yes, an expression, one of endearment.
T: Come up with another.
A: Hey . . .
T: Well, if you can’t do any better than that, why don’t you go for a walk and I’ll hang here and eat dandelion greens.
A: Because you need to walk some.
T: I’ve been walking some in the pen.
A: You need to walk more.
T: Isn’t this for me to decide?
A: No, it’s for me to decide.
T: Why you?

A: Because I am acting in your best interest.
T: I can act in my own best interest.
A: You are not doing a good job of it right now.
T: Oh yes I am. These greens contain vital nutrients, just what an old horse needs.
A: There – you called yourself an old horse. I heard it loud and clear.
T: I said the vital nutrients are just what an old horse needs. I didn’t say I was one.
A: Well then, what do you need?
T: It’s not what I need, it’s what I want.
A: What do you want?
T: Dandelion greens.
A: That one was a setup.
T: And you thought I was just a dumb old horse.
A: I never said you were a dumb old horse.
T: But you have been thinking it.
A: How do you know this?
T: I can read your mind.
A: Do you mean you are psychic?
T: All horses are. But we don’t have to. We figure out a lot just watching you humans.
A: And what have you figured out today?
T: That you are in a big hurry. Yesterday you were okay with me eating greens and today you are not. This is because you think you have more to do today than yesterday.
A: I don’t think you have to be a mind reader to figure that one out.
T: Exactly – you have been moving hurriedly today and have been a little less patient with me. You have jerked more on the line than usual.
A: For that, I apologize.
T: No matter. Just let me eat these greens.
A: All right. Wanna talk?
T: I just want to eat.
A: I have been thinking . . .
T: Always a bad sign.
A: That we knew one another in a previous life.
T: Could be.
A: You are my Uncle Mac, reincarnated.
T: Could be.
A: You think so.
T: Did your uncle Mac like to eat dandelion greens?
A: I never asked.
T: And did he like to have his butt scratched?
A: I dunno.
T: And was he, like me, a lady’s man?
A: I am not sure.
T: Okay. One more thing. Did your Uncle Mac like apples?
A: Yes, in pies.
T: Then perhaps . .
A: Then perhaps you are he.
T: I didn’t say it.
A: But you insinuated.
T: I don’t know what it means to insinuate.
A: To make a supposition.
T: Is it going to make any difference if I am your Uncle Mac reincarnated?
A: Most likely not.
T: Well then, let’s get on with our respective days.
A: Yes, let’s get on with them.
T: I’ll tell you what.
A: What?
T: You let me graze for a bit and I will go for a walk.
A: It’s a deal.
T: And a good one at that.

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