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August 8, 2017: The Ubiquitous Bicycle

I had this idea flash through my mind this morning, and grabbed it, got a hold of it, and ran with it. This was to see if I might get Tinni to walk/trot/pace alongside my bike, so that we might get around the loop faster.

I got him out, showed him the bicycle, and then got out on the road. In minutes, he well understood that tension on the line meant he was to pick up the pace. And he moved out. This is going to be good because he will, in this way get exercise.

I next decided to work with Tyra on the same. I introduced her to the bicycle, using treats – turned it over, and turned the wheels, just like I used to do with Raudi. Then I turned it back upright and

decided that since she tends to get into my space, to walk her first, on the far side of poles. This worked, so I then did it with the bicycle.

I next took her into the playground and while walking the bicycle, I had her go through all the obstacles. This went well. And I had her walk on the far side of the poles, as I had down in the driveway.

We were ready to roll. I took her out the gate, then onto the road and put the bicycle between me and her. Not a problem. I got on the bicycle on the upper road, and began riding. When she veered into me, right into my path, I speeded up and, in this way, with bicycle, pushed her out of my space.

She did dive for grass a few times, but the grand finale was when I rode alongside her, with the lead on her back. Quite clearly, she has common sense and is going to do just fine.

The bicycle – I’ve since been thinking about how I can further use it in training. Of course, I can have horses run alongside, and in this way get a more consistent trot, and if I have the chutzpah, canter. The bicycle can also be used as a training tool – I am going to have Pete ride it past the horses, going both ways. I may have done this in the past with Raudi – I don’t remember.

I can also use the bicycle as a clicker training obstacle, and teach the horse to turn the wheels. I have done this with Raudi.

Right now, because I’m tired, I can’t think of other things that I might do with the bicycle, but I am sure they will come to mind.

I am most proud of the fact that I chunked things down with Tyra – I didn’t immediately run to the road, hop on the bicycle, and expect that she would know what to do. Instead, I broke things into steps. If I erred at all, it was that I may have done too much with her today. Then again, she seemed to enjoy all that we did.

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