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April 5, 2015: Spring, Sprang, Sprung

It’s 7:22 p.m. and it’s light out – still. And it will remain light until 9 p.m. Pete and I went for a ride late this afternoon, at 4:20 p.m. It was a road ride becaue we don’t want to mess up the now-soft trails. I of course recalled that if it was winter, that we’d by this time have been inside.

It’s been an early breakup. Last night it snowed – we got a heavy dusting. This added to the already existent slop and glop. Last night I put all the agility obstacles that I’d gotten out, away, and cleaned up the hay that had accumulated in the outside horse dining areas. This morning I was glad that I’d

done this because otherwise I’d have to deal with wet and muddy obstacles and a muddy, mucky front area.

Having horses and tending to them correctly takes considerable time. I am reminded of this every single spring. I not only have to clean after them (at least three times a day), but I also have to clean them up. The latter job takes even more time this time of year. Tinni has recently been the most filthy – and he’s been shedding like it’s nobody’s business. Hrimmi has been a good close second. Her white fur comes off first – it’s usually quite clean. When I groom the horses I put myself in a zone, meaning that I cease to think of what I haven’t gotten done, but still need to get done. I instead use the metal scraper, the FURminator, the rubber curry comb, and brush and remove loose hair, dirt, and dander

The horses eat quietly as I do this. I do not put them in cross-ties; rather, I tie them to the hitching post and trailer. This is because they equate eating and relaxation with getting groomed. My allowing them to eat during grooming time hasn’t had an adverse effect on their regard for me. When done, we go for a ride, and all go along willingly.

We are now doing road rides. The road surface, which is now saturated, is soft under hoof.

Pete’s been taking the dogs for walks up to the bench. He says that the trails are gooshy.

Today I went over to Vickie’s place with the fit kit and saddle pad. Her horse arena is dry – and the footing is excellent. Our paddock doubles as an arena – right now the footing in it is terrible. In some places there’s about an inch of mud. And here and there, there’s still snow.

I watched Vickie put Hunar through his dressage and jumping paces. This is what she’s been doing with him all winter. She told me that her trails are now rideable.

The temperatures are now routinely in the 40s and it’s been staying above freezing at night. Today I put the composting worm bin on the front porch. I’ll soon divide the two buckets into four buckets – then when the manure thaws, I’ll dump the contents into the one station in the compost facility. Now that it’s spring, the manure/compost is thawing. I’ve been seeing flies and other bugs around. Spring, sprang, sprung.

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