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April 6, 2015: Round We Go

I write about some days, in hopes that I will remember them. This includes days like today, where nothing dramatic has happened. I simply went through the motions of getting things done. This was not all that difficult because the things that I needed to do didn’t require all that much physical or mental energy. I was the proverbial car on automatic cruise control.

I finished the Material Matters proposal. I’ll have Pete look at it then send it off to Boynton Cook. If they reject it (and they very well might), I’ll send it elsewhere.

I next drove to the Chickaloon Health Center and picked up paperwork. There is this deal – if you jump through the requisite number of health-related hoops, you get a $600.00 health insurance rebate. One of the hoops is a written record with your vital signs on it. The Chickaloon Health Center is a very laid back place, to say in the least. The receptionist didn’t have any ideas as to where Pete and my health forms might be. She riffled through drawers, binders, and files, but after a half-hour’s looking, she came up empty handed. She finally went and looked in the physician assistant’s mailbox. As it turned out, the forms were there. Twenty minutes later, he appeared with forms in hand. He also (when asked) gave me a copy of my bloodwork results, and then said, yes, that he did call in my prescription to the local pharmacy.

Then I was off to the pharmacy. I decided to do an experiment once I reached the counter. The clerk, an older fellow with snow white hair and a white beard, spoke first. I smiled at him and looked him right in the eyes. We then had a nice chat about our respective flight experiences while on drugs. This was why I was getting the drugs, to take in order to deal with my fear of flying. My experiment, an exercise in being hospitable, worked.

I next went for my rescheduled haircut appointment with Betty. She’s as much my therapist as she is my haircutter. I told her what was going on with my family and she remarked that things have a way of working out in unexpected ways. She’s probably right.

I feel really awful right now about my family situation. I have a few days left before I head south; in the meantime, I am hoping to hear from my mother’s keeper, my sister. She told me a few days ago that now is not a good time to come and visit. So be it.

Got home, took the dogs for a long walk on our trails. Then Pete got home. I rode Raudi and he walked Hrimmi – we went down to the Murphy Road turnoff and back. By then the sun was shining. A good omen, me thinks. Tinni is walking a bit stiff legged, so we are giving him a riding-related break. Hrimmi is Pete’s buddy; it was nice to see the pair walking companionably down the road.

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