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April 4, 2015: A Conversation with Rainbow, Dog Extrordinare

Alys: Rainbow, what’s happening?
Rainbow: Not much.
A: Not much?
R: Today was like most days around here. I got up, went with you to check on the livestock, ate breakfast, took a nap, hung out in the yard while you and Pete started plant starts, took another nap, went for a hike with Pete and Ryder, came home, took another nap, ate dinner, and took another nap.
A: Would you say that you’re living the good life?
R: Mine is a great life.
A: What was the high point of your day today?
R: The hike. I enjoy getting out and checking things out, especially in the spring. It’s warm, the air smells good – it just makes a dog like me glad to be alive.
A: So how are you and Ryder getting along these days?
R: Fine. She’s matured a great deal in the past few months. Every so often, when we’re out on the trail, she’ll make a fool of herself, by standing in front of me and barking in my face. I then tell her to beat it.
A: Does she?
R: She does when you intervene.
A: Are you feeling good these days? I’ve begun to have a hard time getting you up off the couch and off for a walk.

R: I really enjoy taking naps. But once I get going, I really enjoy being out on the trail.
A: Do you think you’d be up for another long trip?
R: Yes I would. I would prefer to start out at a lower elevation and in a cooler climatic zone. I’m now an older dog, so these kinds of things now have an adverse effect on me.
A: I hear you.
R: So I’d say that this would be my last year for a trek.
A: I don’t think we are going to do one this year – we want to take Hrimmi but have decided not to ride her until she’s four.
R: That one’s trouble. Look what she did to Ryder.
A: I know, I know.
R: Can I have a treat?
A: Yes.
R: Thank you. Where are we going on tomorrow’s walk?
A: I don’t know. It depends on the weather.
R: Yeah, I don’t want to be out in the rain.
A: Neither do I.
R: What will we do instead?
A: If it rains, I’ll brush and bathe you.
R: I have an even better idea.
A: What’s that?
R: If it rains, let’s all take naps.
A: You are getting smarter by the day.
R: Yes, age has its advantages.

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