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February 12, 2014: Found Poem: Craigslist: Alaska Farm and Garden

I would like Help Conditioning Horses the Next Few Months

I have 4-6 horses
I would like help conditioning in the next few months.
Nice half-hour ride to the birch arena,
around for an hour and back.

I would like to ride during daylight,
so any time before 6.
I would like 2-3 people comfortable ponying horses,
or 4 people who are not.

I would like them ridden
more than just weekends,
and someone who has ridden
more than just weekends,
and is not afraid to jump on a horse
bareback and go for a ride.

I would only charge you
$100.00 a month-a-person to help me.

Beats any horse lease you will find out there.

Located in Anchorage.
All the tack and horse (of coarse) provided.
I just need a few more bodies
to help me ride these goons
and get them in better shape.
Two, maybe three horses kid friendly.

If you would like to help me out
shoot me an email
Thank you for reading.

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