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December 9, 2014: Life is Good

There is only one thing in life that I really lack, and this is money. With money, I’d do more horse treks. I’d also own a larger place with a pasture and an enclosed barn. I’d also do more clinics and take dressage lessons. I’d find a personal trainer.

In order for all this to be, I’d need to get a high paying job. There would then be a tradeoff, for having a high paying job would mean that I’d have to forego wonderful days like today. I did not earn any money, and I did not spend any money. It was a day here. It began with Pete and my walking Hrimmi and Tinni around the loop. It was near balmy out.

The road footing was good – this was unlike last year when by this time it was icy out. We had a really good time, doing what we call the review of the neighborhood. The Fifthian’s Irish Wolfhound barked at us, Nancy the Professional Adventurer is back – otherwise things are much the same as they’ve been all winter.

Pete then left for work. I did the horse chores, and then I took Tinni and the dogs on a lengthy trail ride. The ride is more lengthy because it now includes the new trail, which doubles the amount of ride time from previously. It was quiet, still, overcast – there was for a while a bit of low lying light. We all returned, I put Tinni back, and in the next go around took Raudi and the dogs out, doing an identical ride. The route I did today on both horses is a bit more difficult than when I go the other way, for there are more steep downhills. But right now the trail is snow chunky, so the horses can get a good purchase on it.

I was at first reluctant to do this ride on Raudi, but now am less so. Tinni remains Scout, the horse who makes me feel like I can do anything on horseback. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be riding Raudi. This has worked from the beginning – it was his intended purpose, meaning I was to put to use what I learned in riding and working with him, in riding and working with Raudi. And it is still holding true nine years later.

Dogs again waited for me at both trailheads. Tonight I said to Pete that Ryder is the dog that I always wanted to have. I love Rainbow and Jenna with all my heart, and I loved Bootleg, but I always wanted a border collie that would do as I asked, and with considerable enthusiasm.

Once home, I ate lunch, and then did the afternoon chores, which included cleaning the goat pen. Then I spent the afternoon doing agility, first working with Raudi, having her stand on the plywood/tire platform, sidepass through cone/poles, and go over the cavalettis. I also worked on the come command – she’d wander off – when she looked back, I used the clicker – she then returned knowing that she’d get a reward.

I then did the same with Hrimmi, who did as well as Raudi did. She’s like Raudi without the attitude.

I then worked with the goats – Ranger was the most receptive to clicker training. It was then getting dark, so I bypassed working with the dogs. I will do that tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

I’m going to set aside time to do some agility work every day. Tonight I’ll resume working on Lessons Twice Learned. I haven’t worked on it since last week, mainly because of the clinic stuff. Pete printed up a copy of Raising Raudi, so I need to again read and revise it.

It’s a good life. I just have to remind myself of this every so often.

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