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June 21, 2014: Yard Sale-ing

Yesterday morning I did as I often do and scanned Craig’s List before getting to work. This is my own unique form of procrastination. I seldom see anything that I need to purchase, but it’s fun reading the comments of those individuals who chide others for things like violating Craig’s List rules. For example, some get all incensed when others attempt to sell what they perceive to be non-farm animals on the list. These include Pitbulls, Chi wa was (no kidding) and Yorkie-poos.

This time, I noted that there was a tack sale taking place on Farm Loop Road. I mentioned this to Pete, who was up for the idea of checking it out.

We first stopped at what we thought was THE yard sale, but it turned out to be ANOTHER yard sale. This became apparent as we pulled in the driveway. There were a lot a car parts for sale. This wasn’t what we were looking for, so we beat a hasty retreat. However, I did get a good photo of some large vehicle letters, ones that spelled out the word F-0-R-D.

We continued down road, and soon we came to the place we were looking for. Numerous cares were in the driveway. I remarked to Pete that even early on Friday morning that the serious yard salers were out.

I quickly deduced that all the sale items had been carefully organized, and some of were in boxes on the trailer floor. On the way I stopped and examined an English saddle that had been made in Argentina. It cost $125.00. It had possibilities, that is until I examined the underside and noted that in places it had been sewn.

I made a beeline for the rest of the tack, some of which had been hung up inside a trailer, and some of which was in plastic boxes on the trailer floor. I discovered a box containing grooming equipment and riffled through it. It mainly contained beat up horse body brushes and horse tail brushes. I did find a nice tail brush. I decided to ask the person in charge if the items in the box were for sale, figuring that if it all went for less than $12.00 that this would be a good deal, since this was how much the brush was worth. I was told the items were being sold individually, and so moved on, tail brush in hand.

I went back to examining the trailer’s interior. I didn’t see much of interest until a black and blue lead rope caught my eye. I grabbed it and took it and the brush over to the yard sale organizer.

“$2.00 for both,” she said. I smiled and took it and the brush to Pete, who had decided to purchase a large ice chest – as he told me, it would come in handy when he went dip netting in Chitna later this month.

Pete paid for our purchases, and I continued to look around. I considered taking on a book on old barn construction and a small wooden chest with a broken latch. However, I went with Pete’s indirect comment (which took the form of indifference) and put both non-purchases back in their place. This was tough because by now, yard sale fever had set in.

As we walked back to our car, I reminded myself of a few things. The first is that we don’t have a lot of money, so right now, extraneous purchases are out. Secondly, each item acquired takes up space and requires care. Thirdly, money spent on things one already has is a form of bad consumerism.

I was well aware that I violated all the above axioms by purchasing the brush and lead rope. First of all, $2.00 spent is $2.00 less in the hay fund. Secondly, I will have to clean the brush so that our horses don’t get cooties, and also make a space for the rope. Most likely I’ll hang it on the outer tack room wall. Thirdly, I did not need these items. I have lots of lead ropes and a new and nearly identical tail brush. (Pete recently got this for me as a present, new from Animal Food Whorehouse.)

But ohh, I really like this lead rope. I had one like it before, but Siggi chewed it up. And it has a really nice snap, the kind that enables one to quickly attach it to the halter. And I really like this brush. It’s wide and round, and has a good feel in the handle.

Yep, I did violate my rules. However, I’m pleased to have shown such constraint in not purchasing other things, like additional lead ropes and brushes. And I did not do as I very much wanted to do, which was to suggest to Pete that we spend the entire day going to yard sales.

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