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March 1, 2013: Girlfriends

My dear friend Marj and I recently had a short back-and-forth email exchange about, of all things, selling our chestnut mares. Marj is concerned about her mare Delilah, thinks that she’s not getting enough attention, could get more attention elsewhere. Ironically, Marj is working hard in order to pay Delilah’s expenses. She works up on the North Slope, a week on, a week off, doing aeronautical stuff.

I told Marj that Delilah would not do any better with anyone else. Her little Icelandic-quarter horse cross is extremely willful and opinionated. She’s 4 or 5, like others of her kind, agonizingly slow to mature. Marj, of course loves her dearly.

She’s taken a few spills in the two years she’s owned Delilah, but continues to ride her bareback, by the seat of her pants. In fact, once she came over and rode Delilah up the bench, of course with no saddle. She’s a far more confident rider than I’ll ever be.

So for now, Marj is going to hang on the horse she calls Girlfriend. The other horse she calls Girlfriend is Raudi. Makes sense, this moniker. We probably both confide in our equine companions more so than we should. It’s a good thing they can’t talkl; because if they could, we two humans would have a lot of explaining to do.

Marj speculated that because Signy is doing so well (as is Signy Jr.), that I might consider selling Raudi. I immediately shot back a message (always a brash thing to do) and said no, this is the last horse I’d part with – Raudi and I are soul mates.

I have in the past, many times, considered selling Raudi, and I would still consider parting with her if someone comes along who has more financial resources, more pasturage, and more Icelandic horse expertise. This individual would also agree with me about the importance of connection, and approach her training with the goal of becoming and remaining connected. This, I will say with considerable assurance, is too tall an order for anyone I know to fill.

Someday, yes, I will have all the above. And Raudi will then be on her way to reaching her full potential. In the meantime, we’re having a very good time figuring out things on our own. For example, Raudi’s recently having learned to be the horse that’s being ponied is huge. This is because she can be bargy, and if she wished, she could be a handful. And there I’d be, chasing her up and down Murphy Road. But no, she’s being more than cooperative. Her back and legs are getting a much needed rest, and she gets to move along at a brisk, sustained trot without me nagging at her to pick up the pace, or to abandon the pace.

I can tell – Raudi is, these days, as happy as she’s ever been. She waits by the gate for me to take her out, but no longer attempts to barge past when I open it. And she’s ceased to bully Signy, although Signy, who is wary, does keep her distance at feeding time.

So life is good for Girlfriend. I’d sell my soul before I’d sell her.

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