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January 18, 2013: Tolting the Divide Part II – Doors Open

After considerable discussion, Pete and I agreed that it will be best to head south in mid-June, after the first set of summer classes ends. We’re both going to teach, this in order to make up for his sabbatical pay cut.

We’re considering resuming our trip in the Leadville area, first going over Hagerman Pass. Before, we bypassed the snow-covered mountain range. Where we ride is going to be dependent upon what the weather in this and surrounding areas is like. If need be, we can start our trip farther north.

We’ve lined up house-sitters; or rather, have a line on house-sitters. We’ll meet with them soon and then find out if they’re up for tending to three goats, two dogs, and one horse. All these animals have told me that if possible, they’d like to stay here.

We’re not sure yet if we’re going to take Hrimmi with us. This is going to be dependent upon our having access to a larger trailer. And we’ll need to also have access to a larger truck. I’m going to approach Sundowner Trailers about possible sponsorship.

I’m also going to approach clothing and gear companies for sponsorship.

And before leaving, I’m going to organize a local slide-show/spaghetti feed or barbecue. I’d like to do this in a place where we have the horses and gear handy. Maybe I can do this at the Saddle Up Arena.

My friend Pam Nolf suggested that I write a how-to book on long-distance horse trekking. I like this idea. I could include trip dispatches in it. I’ll soon cobble together a proposal and get it out there.

And the deadline for Rasmussen Foundation Individual Artist Grants is forthcoming. I am going to apply for funds that will enable me to continue to write and post dispatches. I wrote one before – seeking money for the trip. This time, I will come up with something less pie-in-the-sky.

I’m now denying the fact that I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I also have horses to tend to, and my community organizing work to do. And, I need to finish working on the substitute teaching application. Among other things, I’m going to need to get fingerprinted. Amazingly, there’s a charge for this. Huh. If I committed a crime, they’d fingerprint me for free. Maybe I can steal some time from someone.

All the sudden, a dozen or so doors have been flung open. NO – that’s not it. This is it – I stepped forward and flung these doors open myself. I am the one who must now, on a near-hourly basis, decide which ones to enter. This is preferable to remaining in front of these closed doors and wringing my hands and saying I can’t deal with the grease on the knobs.

I’m considering going back and rewriting my January 1 dispatch. It bothers me that I began the New Year on such a sour note.

I’m going to need to put a marketing/sponsorship hat on my head. Note: I didn’t say my marketing/sponsorship hat. That’s because I’m not sure I own one. Asking anyone for anything at all is hard for me to do. But, as I am now telling myself, I have an impressive writing background, and have also done a lengthy horse trek. It’s time to toot my horn, and toot it loudly.

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