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April 26, 2013: Mr. Siggi’s New Saddle

Mr. Siggi has always gotten less page space than the other horses. This is not to say that I don’t love him as much as I do the rest – it’s just that he’s always been (by his choice) Pete’s horse, and because of this, I have not raved about him to the degree that I should.

I’ve also ridden him the least, Riding wise, Mr. Siggi and I have never been on the same wavelength, that is until recently. When I rode him in the past he’d veer to the left, and nothing I could do got him back on track. Rather than fight this, I gave up. He’d also at times refuse to leave the driveway. And sometimes, once he got going, he’d refuse to stop. It was easier to take the path of least resistance, and ride Tinni, Raudi, or Signy.

About a month ago, I decided to again try working with him. I put body wraps on him, and as well, used a neck lasso. And I did body work before taking him

out for a ride. This all worked, as did focusing on my balance while in the saddle. The wraps made him more balanced and the neck lasso better enabled me to get a more consistent whoa. Lately he’s been moving forward nicely, and in a straight line.

This afternoon, when I got home, I noticed that a large box had been left by the porch door. Turns out, it was Siggy and Pete’s new Synergist Saddle. Pete wasn’t here – he was at a meeting in Anchorage. I ought to have left the saddle in the box and let him open it. But no, I opened the box and pulled it out. I ought to have put it back in the box after examining it. But no, I put it on Mr. Siggi. And I ought to have removed it and put it in the tack room after determining that it fit him. But no, I climbed up into the saddle and went for a ride.

The saddle fits Mr. Siggi quite well. It’s the right size, and there’s no bridging. It didn’t fit me because it has been made to Pete’s specifications. Also, the stirrups, which were too short for me, needed to be readjusted. But I will be able to use this saddle when I ride Siggi if I change the stirrup length.

It’ll be interesting to see if the saddle fits Pete. I suspect that the first thing he’ll do when he gets home tomorrow is put the saddle on Siggi and go for a ride. Fingers are crossed for continued sunny weather. It snowed in Fairbanks yesterday, so we may get more snow. Oh well, could end up being a snow ride.

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