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April 10, 2013: Giddy Up

For me, it’s all about making connections between the consequential and the inconsequential. This, a now oft-used phrase, is called an ahh haa moment. Right now, at this very moment, I am actually making several connections. At such times I have to be patient and just let this happen. Later, I will sort through what’s transpiring.

But I can write about what I’ve figured out so far. I had been wondering why I’ve been so obsessed with my finding a rallying cry. I honed in on Get ‘er Done, but then I decided that I could not in any way identify with Larry the Cable Guy.

Memoir is my main area of writing-related interest. Interestingly enough, I have at the same time had a strong interest in memory and brain science. Yesterday I realized that my interest in the two IS interconnected. Every so often I’ll read something about the composing process of a writer or writers that resonates with me – this happened again the other day. It was an article in the NY Times by Anci Aciman, on the subject of memoir and memory. He writes about what he calls “quantum mnemonics,” saying of course that memory is subjective, and that after the fact we repeatedly create and recreate our pasts. He gave an example, saying that he wrote about one event in his life several differing ways.

I would rather use the phrase quantum memory because it seems to me to be more apt. So yes, we can recreate the past. And I can take this one chapter, and look at it from differing perspectives. The act of recreation is revision – which means to see again. This, the process of seeing again, is the nuts and bolts of writing.

I am (in essence) totally convinced that should the acquisition editor call me and want to talk further about my proposal, I can speak with certitude about what it is that I will write about. Can’t just go ahead and do this though. I need an audience.

So yes, I am making connections and I am moving forward.

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