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Trip Dispatch #53: Sunday, July 10: Tennessee Pass Tunnel to Mitchell: New Friends

We woke to a water-sodden world, and waited for the sun to dry our tent before moving on. Rte 24 was heavily trafficked, odd for a Sunday morning. We rode over the tunnel, and came out at the Tenth Mountain Division Memorial. We next crossed the busy highway and continued on the Colorado Trail. It was (thankfully) slightly downhill, wide, and rock-free. We stopped often, and let our now voracious critters graze.

We came to an open meadow, and met up with two hikers, one of whom was being led by a husky and another who was pushing a baby stroller. We talked for some time with Clara and Margorie. The sky began looking ominous so we regretfully parted company. They later returned and ate dinner with us.

It turns out that we camped in site of the mining town of Mitchell. All that remained in the meadow to indicate a once thriving community were a couple of large chunks of concrete and the occasional bottle.

Pete and Margorie in Mitchell


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