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Trip Dispatch #45: Saturday, July 2. Harvard Lake to Pine Creek: Steep Drop Offs

We met numerous hikers today, this included a fellow who calls himself the Brown Hermit, adding “you’ll never forget my name.” He had a trimmed white beard, was tall, thin, and wearing a brown hat, brown pants, and a brown shirt. He said that he is 68 years old, divorced eight years, and looking for a woman to hike with who isn’t “into talking about the grandkids the whole time.” Brown Hermit verified that Tennessee Pass is impassable, so we’re now considering riding over Hagerman Pass, which is outside of Leadville.

We also talked with a through-hiker who’s going ultra-light. All told, Mouse was carrying 16 pounds of gear. This (from what I could see) included a small umbrella and an American flag. I later told Pete that there’s a fine line between being self-sufficient and being a Moocher.


Pine Creek Horse Camp
Pine Creek Horse Camp

A strange thing happened after lunch. We were on a narrow trail with a drop off. I felt a chill run up my spine seconds before Pete urged me to “look to the left.” I glanced to where he was pointing, and saw hoof prints and loose dirt. A horse and rider had gone over the edge. I spent the remainder of the afternoon with my head facing the slope.

We ended the day at an unofficial horse camp, which was at the edge of a tree-lined meadow. We watched from the distance as a group of horsepackers and their clients passed by.

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