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Trip Dispatch #35: Wednesday, June 22: Ohio City to Beaver Creek: Rainbow’s Job Description

Even though it was rocky, we had a beautiful morning climb. We came to a stand of alder, more ups and downs. Lots and lots of dandelions, so we stopped often and let the horses graze.

After a while we came to some loose cows, some were on one side of the fence, and some were on the other. Pete and I watched Rainbow take charge. She herded the outer group away from us, and in the direction of the others. Very impressive. This was what she was born and bred to do. Her tendency to wander and desire to roam far, this too is genetic. At least she’s keeping us in sight.

We ate lunch next to a rock outcropping and watched ants carry away cracker crumbs that were twice their size.

We wound our way through wooded areas, and finally we came to some mud bogs created by ATVs. Raudi and Siggi, both of whom have dealt with this stuff innumerable times on the home front, picked their way around the questionable patches. Signy followed Siggi, once again trusting his better judgment.

Incredible views of nearby Ruby Mountain—blue sky, snow-covered peaks at the distance. The smell of aspen and sage was in the air. It’s the solstice, breezy and cold here. I found myself wondering what it’s like at home in Alaska. As has often been the case, we quit at 4 p.m. so that the horses had time to graze before being highlined.


Willow Creek Road
Willow Creek Road


Alys pumping water at Beaver Creek Campsite

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