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Trip Dispatch #32: Sunday, June 19: Granite Creek Campground to Campbell Town/(Cameltown): One Hump or Two?

Pete and spent the night at the Granite Creek Campground, and there we began discussing our options. We could: 1. Stay put and wait for the snow on Cumberland Pass to melt. 2. Return to the general store, inquire about alternate routes, and again spend the night in the Kid’s Trout Pond campsite 3. Return to the general store, inquire about alternate sites, and keep on going. After considerable deliberation, we acted upon the latter.

We stopped for lunch at the Child’s Trout pond. I’d left my fishing vest back at Granite Creek, so Pete hitchhiked back there and retrieved it. After, we again walked to town and conferred with Matt.

Cambell Town
Cambell Town

His consensus (as well as that of the porch sitters) was that it would be in our best interest to forgo going over Taylor Park, and to instead take an alternate route, in this case, the Shaw Ridge route.

We returned to where we’d left the horses and again set out, this time riding directly through town, and onto a Forest Service road. Aside from having a motorist give us flak for giving him flak (he came around a blind turn at too high a speed) it was a fairly easy ride. It was uphill; however, the dirt road was free of obstructions.

We camped at the ghost town of Campbell Town (Established 1880 – population 44, elevation 10,500 feet) near the remains of an old cabin. There was considerable tin-type debris here. We set our tent up on a hill, in the trees, and highlined the horses after letting them graze. The USFS map had identified the place as being Cameltown. I was a bit disappointed since I was hoping that Raudi would get to see some dromedaries, preferably some with two humps.

Campbell Town signage:
Established in 1880 by A.B. and G S Campbell, Lake City pioneers and Ohio Civil War veterans known as “The Dandy Campers on the Gunnison.” Had streets, a water system, last gold production in 1950. See Pitkin Independent July 28, 1881 news. Pitkin Mining News February 10, March 3, 1882. Campbell Hall Press Association, Rt. 1 Box 1900, Bryan, Texas.

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