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Trip Dispatch #28: Wednesday, June 15: Canyon Creek to Pitkin: Downroad to Pitkin

I checked out the immediate trail prior to our day’s ride. Ahead, on the trail itself, was a three-foot high granite outcropping. I told Pete that this would be an unsafe scramble for the horses, and if possible, I’d like to avoid it. He suggested that we instead ride through the adjacent meadow, which we did. Up, up, up we then went, at a good clip, to an outfitter camp, one that had corrals and fresh hay. It was way too early to stop, so regretfully, we kept going.

We continued on along Quartz Creek, to the outskirts of Pitkin. We decided to set up camp across the way from the USFS campground—near the road, next to

Highline near Canyon Creek
Highline near Canyon Creek

what was called the Child’s Trout Pond. Lots of ATVers going past gawked at us—I remarked to Pete that I now know what zoo animals feel like. I’m not complaining. We have a picnic table, a pipe that’s gushing water, and (once again, thankfully) an ample supply of grass for the horses. From here we’ll head over Cumberland Pass to Tincup. It’s eight miles from the top. I’m kind of curious to see what this place is like. Chad, a farrier who we met on the road outside of Del Norte, will shoe Signy tomorrow.

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