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Trip Dispatch #22: Thursday, June 9: Moon Pass to Stock Tank: The Road Less Travelled

This morning, Rainbow hobbled about, hardly able to walk. We figured that she might loosen up if we got her moving, and so packed up and left camp. One hundred-yards distant, and we realized that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with us. So we stopped and accessed the situation. Pete put Corona ointment on her paws, wrapped her feet in gauze and slipped the booties back on her feet. After, she happily picked up the pace.

We stopped early, mainly in order to give Rainbow a break. I’ve been stimulating her appetite by feeding her kibbles, one-by-one. If she’s not better by the time we get to Sargents, we’ll give Sara a call.

My lips are still chapped. I continue to crave orange juice.

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Doctoring Rainbow's feet
Doctoring Rainbow's feet