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January 2, 2011

The warm weather that we’ve been experiencing continues. The drawback is that the trails, which have been packed by snowmobiles, are now punchy. Still, Pete and I got out today, and rode on both our residential loop and on what we call the loop trail.

Beforehand, we decided that he’d ride Raudi and I’d ride Siggi. I balked because I am so used to riding Raudi and Tinni. I considered riding Tinni, but then thought better of it. A few days ago Siggi pulled a chunk of his forelock out of his head, and with it, some of his hide. Pete and I both agreed it would be best to give him some time off.

Siggi is tall, nearly 14 hands, so I used the mounting block to get on him. I hadn’t ridden Siggi since winter set in. Instead, Pete’s been doing the honors. Siggi had matured both physically and mentally since I last went out on him. He moved out and stopped when asked, and he carefully picked his way up and down the trail. This was in contrast to the horse that used to attempt to run back to the barn with me on his back.

It was also fun watching Pete ride Raudi. Being her primary rider, I never get to see her in action. It was evident to me that she was testing Pete the way she tests me, in order to see if she could get her way. Pete kept her focus by doing half-halts and cueing her to move forward by using his seat and his hands. By the time we reached the place at which the trail again joins the road, both horses were moving in a collected and concentrated fashion.

We concluded our ride with me saying to Pete that once his winter break is over, that I will continue to ride Siggi. Truly, this horse is a diamond in the rough.