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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trip Plans

I’m a little bit at loose ends, as I now have three full-time jobs. The first is keeping this place going when Pete is away at work. The second is finding a publisher for Raudi’s Story. And the third is getting ready for this trip.

The trip: I’m not very adept at organizing. No, I’m not adept at prioritizing. For example, I have a 3x5 note card next to my computer, and I’ve scrawled what I think needs to be done in the next few days on both the front and back. But I have no idea in hell about the order in which I should tackle these various and sundry tasks.

I need to contact Diane Sullivan and arrange a time in which we might talk about particulars relating to our south-north drive, converse with saddle fit makers about a saddle for Raudi, read up on the subject of highlining, and bring my old sawbuck up to the house so that I can post it on ebay and Craig’s List. I also need to make an appointment with the groomer for Jenna and have a chat with them about clippers. Ayyyyyy carumba. And I need to get the maps organized, and put the pack/trail books in one place, so that Pete, who is now between books, will take a look at them. Trip planning is definitely a two-person (ad)venture.