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March 9, 2012: Fixed

The camera wasn’t a loss. It was just in need of repair. Pete fixed it, using Gorilla glue. It wasn’t easy. As he was working one of the two little corner pieces fell into the camera body—I tipped it over, shook it gently, and it fell out.

We then set the camera aside, and let the glue and pieces set up. It’s now easy to discern where the break occurred. I will touch it up with an indelible magic marker. The patch job ought to hold. If it does not, Pete and I will act upon other options.

I’m back to thinking about what I can do photographically. For a day-and-a-half I did other things, like preparing for and teaching my class. I also continued to work on Raudi’s Story. But the photographic mind kept working. I considered taking photos of:

  • Henny Penny Palin’s egg, which is now sitting on the refrigerator shelf.
  • The skeleton in the biology lab classroom. In particular, the collarbone.
  • The hoop-house frame, the bottom half of which is embedded in snow.
  • Raudi’s mane, which is light against her darker coat.

In all instances, I speculated about ISO and aperture settings, and the shutter speed. Also, the lack of or over abundance of available light.

Indeed, I would have been disappointed had the camera been broken beyond repair. It would have been a loss. There would be no more photography class, no more dispatch photos, no more late night readings about the subject matter. I suspect that I would fill the now available time with another type of endeavor, like cleaning out the kitchen addition cupboards.

What, I wonder, has triggered this newfound interest in photography? Something external has obviously triggered something internal. Another question: If I had several brain scans done – what parts of my brain would light up when I take a photo? Retake a photo? Photoshop the photo? Print the photo? And see the photo for the first time? And say, what if I had several more brain scans done—what parts of my brain would light up when I write a dispatch? Revise dispatch? Share the dispatch with others? I’d someday like to live in a place where I’d be able to work with those who have the scientific expertise needed to figure this out.

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