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February 28, 2012: Peacemeal

My morning walk is becoming increasingly more important, for I’m seeing that this enables me better pull my scattered thoughts together. There is this, that, and the other.

This—I’ve now accepted the fact that I’m going to be learning photography in a seemingly nonlinear fashion. Yesterday afternoon I met with Hattie Schmidtkunz, who suggested that I put my camera focus on manual, which I did. I could have done this some time ago. I guess I had to be ready. She also suggested that I use the focus light in the viewfinder. I guess that I also needed to be ready to do this. Maybe learning all I had to learn all at once was a form of sensory overload.


That—I’ve not yet quite accepted the fact that for me (for lack of other words) photography is yet another idea-related obsession. I once read a book called Woman and Work – the interviewee, a sculptress, said that she could not cook because she’d become obsessed with rearranging the food on her plate. I now understand this. Possible photographs are now seemingly everywhere. Before breakfast, I took a few pictures of our teapot. And after breakfast, I took a few pictures of my glasses on print sources.

The other—I’ve (at least in my head) come full circle on the self-portrait assignment. I’ve now distanced myself, and moved from taking images of myself to taking images of my glasses, using the object to represent me. It’s a bit late in terms of this assignment to continue with this line of thought – I wish that I hadn’t tossed my cataract surgery memorabilia away.

I now have an idea. I’m going to take a photo of my draft page for the website. I’m next going to take a photo of this print page for the website, maybe enlarging the font some. Huh. Must be an ideas day.

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