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February 26, 2012: The Patron Saint of Artistic Endeavors

I seem to run slapdash through life, at breakneck speed—not a good thing at all. Pete, it seems, picks up all the loose ends, of which there are many. Lately, he’s had to take on more, as I’ve taken on learning new technologies. For instance, I’ve been trying to use Blackboard in my class, meaning that he’s gotten stuck doing the computer part of this. In part, this is because he has the available resources at school.

He’s also been posting dispatches, of which I write one a day. We both agree that I don’t have the time to learn how to do this. Nor, should I add, do I have the patience. You gotta sit there and deal with coding of some sort. I know this because one day in passing I looked over his shoulder and saw some incomprehensible verbiage. I backed off really quickly because my having to deal, day in and day out, with that kind of stuff is like hell on earth.

In books, many writers thank “the wife,” whoever she may be. I now understand this. This other person, male or female, tends to the supposedly more mundane stuff, so that the writer/artist can continue to do their good work. Things have gotten a bit lopsided here, so I must do more than thank Pete. Friends gave us goat milk, so later today I’m going to drop everything, and make ricotta cheese. And, maybe I will also make lasagna.

Okay. I’m also going to also try and turn an artistic leaf. I now have literally hundreds of photographs on my camera card and an equal number on my stick. Right brain says “head for the hills, while you can.” But left brain says “you should really learn to deal.” So this evening, I’ll have Pete give me a lesson in file management. It’s far better to learn this now, than later.

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