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February 21, 2012: P-e-t-e!!!!!

I am not a very easy person to live with. I take that back. I’m a very difficult person to live with. Two like me could never occupy the same space. I am almost totally right brained. An example, I have a hard time figuring out how to use certain technologies. And Pete’s almost totally left brained. He has an easy time figuring out to use certain technologies. For example I was not able to figure out the logic behind Photoshop. Pete was able to figure out the logic behind Photoshop.

Pete’s encouraged me to become more technologically savvy, by repeatedly dropping everything and quickly responding to the often resounding cry –

P-e-t-e! Up until recently, I’ve let him do the requisite problem solving, and then moved on. But I had to take the proverbial bull by the horns, and get in there and (with him by my side) play around a bit. And, I figured out a few things.

There’s more to this than that. I had a very hard time a week ago with Photoshop, and threatened to drop the photography course. Pete, who was very patient with me, got me over the hump, by listening carefully to me, and offering possible options. I got through this, and in fact shortly thereafter, took the camera out of its hiding place. (I had vowed to never again touch it.)

I know that living with me is often a thankless preposition, for the resounding cry never seems to end.

Yesterday it was Photoshop, and today it’s PowerPoint. I have to come up with a presentation on animal learning, for class on Friday. I have some ideas of photos that I’d like to incorporate, and am in my head, composing stories to go with the written text. But I don’t have a clue as to how to pull all this together.

Undoubtedly, Pete will drop everything, and by Friday, it’ll appear as though I put together this engaging presentation.

The question that this raises is, how can I express my ongoing gratitude to Pete, for his ongoing selflessness? I must do something, but I’m not sure what that something might be. All he expects is an occasional heartfelt thank you. Maybe for now, a love poem will suffice

For Pete: In the Morning

In the morning, you were there,
as I attempted on two legs
to adjust the camera tripod, which has three legs.
“It’s broke,” I said
to which you replied
“Let me see.”
I placed the object in your hands, and you examined it,
as would a detective a piece of evidence.
I watched you peer at it through wire-rimmed glasses
that were slightly askew, and nodded
as you said, “you are missing a bolt,” pausing
before adding “we have another, someplace.”
I have learned over time not to be demanding,
for that which is broken may again be fixed,
and that which is fixed may again be broken.
We’re not talking here about one thing or another
but rather at matters related to both the heart and hand--
two areas of endeavor
that are best left to those who are
adept at fixing what is damaged
but not beyond repair.

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