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February 19, 2012: Space Relations

This morning I took the three goats, Ranger, Rover, and Peaches, the dog, Jenna, and the horse, Signy, for a walk around the loop. I hope to continue this practice, because all, including me, need exercise. I’d go later, but of course run the risk of having to tend to more pressing matters. I’m finding that this is also a good time for self-reflection.

Today I thought a bit about our current space-related situation, and how we have, and how we will deal with it. We live on 2.5 acres, and currently have two chickens, three goats, two dogs, and

four horses. This small space has created a labor intensive situation. I clean the horse pen several times a day, and the goat and chicken pen every two days. We haul the manure up behind the garden in the winter, and in fall, summer, and spring, bucket it up and give it away.

We’re off the grid, so we heat water on the woodstove, and keep the animal water buckets full.

All the animals get exercise, in one form or another. Pete takes Rainbow cross country skiing, and in better weather, I take her hiking. The horses are either walked or ridden on most days. The goats are free to roam around the yard, and accompany me on walks. The chickens have a coop and a roost, so they stay warm. I allow them to hang out in the goat pen in better weather.

Siggi and Tinni spar when they are together, so one or the other occupies the small pen a good deal of the time. The up side of this is that the one in the small pen has access to the shelter, which is located between the two hay sheds.

Hrimfari will join us in two months and a day. Growing foals need room to run around. I’m going to allow him and Signy to have access to the larger pen for a certain amount of time each day. And I’m also going initially take the pair for long walks. And after a month or so, I’ll resume riding Signy. Ours is a residential area, so there are numerous people out and about. I don’t want him to become a pocket pony, so I’m going to ask people not to pet him. This way, he’ll keep from becoming pushy.

I’m amazed that we’ve done as well as we have with the space we have. I feel conflicted about moving, for this is home. That is, except for those moments in which I see the horses running freely, in a much larger space.

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