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Dispatch, February 11, 2012: The February Thaw

I wouldn’t want to call the warmer temperatures the onset of breakup, because I know better. Tomorrow is always another day weather-wise around here, and the temperatures could drop. Or, it could suddenly start to rain and snow both, and then freeze up. Ugh.

But I’m enjoying the spell of warmer weather, which I’m calling pseudo breakup. The past few days I’ve spent additional morning clean up time, lingering in the horse pen or the goat shed, just watching the animals. They’re all more lively. I let the goats out of their shed in the morning, and they run, bucking and kicking, following me down to the horse area. Everyone says hello as I dole out the morning hay, then first Rover, and then Ranger, hop up onto the snow berm, and into the fenced in area. Peaches stays with the hay, watching everyone else. The horses step aside, and share their food with R and R. No

Old Palmer Building
Old Palmer building

matter how hungry they are, they never make a move to bite or kick their caprine friends. They most like to hang out with Tinni, who I also take on the goat walks.

The question that seems to hang in the air is why do I have three goats, two males and an older, dry female? I say “seems to hang in the air” because people don’t inquire. I figure that my answer might make sense, thus negating their perception that I’m really crazy. Oddly enough, I ask myself this question when it’s cold, and I’m pressed for time, and I have to tend to them. Then, the answer is “I haven’t a clue.” I don’t have to ask myself this question when it’s warmer. However, on mornings like this, my response has a more upbeat bent. The goats are role models for me -- their enthusiastic attitude always brings a smile to my face.

Ranger and Rover do not always behave as well as they should. I cannot take them for walks in the afternoons, when other people are out on the road, because they are overly curious, and somewhat pushy. This is most evident at this time of year, when the weather’s warmer. I too am of the mind that people should be able to cruise around without being harassed by my animals. So I’ve come up with a solution, which is to walk them earlier in the day, which is before anyone else is out and about.

Once real breakup comes, they’ll again be able to yard graze. Plus, I’ll be able to get them out on the trails again. I’m trying my best to enjoy winter, but like the goats, I’m looking forward to spring.

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