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February 9, 2012: Photoshop

I was just beginning to feel comfortable about using the camera, and was starting to figure out what I might do with it. I understood a few terms, and I had begun doing some experimenting in the field. Then last night I went to class. This was maybe not such a good idea. What I suspected, best described, you do darkroom work on computer.

Gone, is the era of darkroom work, which was a very hands on and tactile way of doing things. Here now, a new era in which you look at a screen and tap on keys in order to get the desired effects.

There seem to be two ways of learning Photoshop. There’s the logical, orderly way in which one follows rote instructions, learning things in an organized and systematic fashion,


manipulating a program images. And then there’s the less logical and orderly way in which one manipulates their own images.

At about this point in time, I’d prefer the logical, orderly way of doing things. Last night it was the other way. The course instructor went from person-to-person, showing them things based on what they had in front of them. I waited patiently for my turn, and in the meantime, played around a bit, randomly checking out this menu or that. When finally, the image on my screen disappeared, I sat wondering if I should maybe try taking on another, more hands on hobby, such as making stained glass window panes. The idea of doing a nativity scene actually appeals to me. I’d call it “The Squalor Holler Animals Greet the New Day.” I’d include the goats, horses, dogs, and chicken. Up above, I’d have Nimby, Stubbi, and Catchi, the chicken angels. Our deceased, but still much-loved dog Bootleg will be in there somewhere too.

My behavior is a surprise, given that I’m so right brained. But what might be going on is that right brain is now down on its knees, pleading with left brain for direction. Finally, right brain is being more assertive.

In the meantime, I have a problem. This class is beginning to seem like one I took in the past. It was called Introduction to Meteorology. After the first day, I hadn’t a clue as to what the professor was talking about. Then, as now, I became increasing more frustrated. The instructor told me to drop the course, but I stuck it out. He was smart, I was stupid. I failed with flying colors. This instructor has not yet told me to drop the photography course, but I sense that time is coming. In the meantime, I am going to get a friend to show me a few things. And Pete’s going to install Photoshop on my computer. This way, I can look stupid in the safety of my own home.

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