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December 29, 2012: Moving Forward at the Speed of Light

Raudi and I are moving forward slowly. Like it or not, we’re joined at the hips. This slow, seemingly lurchy pace is difficult for two creatures who do best when they’re moving at the speed of light. But, to move forward slowly is far better than not moving forward at all, which was the case a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, Pete talked for a long time with CJ of Synergist Saddles. He was excruciatingly thorough, asking questions about every aspect of saddle making and saddle fit that one can imagine. And he had a few other questions, besides. By the conversation’s end, he’d put a deposit down on a Synergist saddle and pad. We’ve also ordered the Equi-measure pad, which will provide the saddle makers with an imprint of Raudi’s back.

Alys on Signy and Vickie on Hunar

Today, in an email, CJ said “I want to make sure that we create the best-ever saddle for you and Raudi!” These words made me feel hopeful – they would not be uttered by a dealer at a direct order saddle shop.

Raudi and I have also begun moving forward in other ways. Today we got a much-needed assist from two of my other horse teachers, Signy and Tinni. I decided to ride Signy and pony Raudi because Signy has been doing so well on our daily rides. I tried this last spring, and then, Signy just stopped and planted her feet. This was back in the day when her chi would get stuck. She was then telling me that she did not want to be the lead mare. Rather, she wanted to be the pony horse. I said okay because Raudi was fine with carting Signy’s ass around at the end of a lead.

Today Signy was fine with being the lead mare. Raudi seemed to think that this whole deal was pretty novel. She also knew that unless she cooperated, that she might not get out and about. She now knows that it’s no fun being left behind. Signy trots so fast that Raudi has to canter to keep up. This is very good, for she’s again having to exert herself.

We did the loop, and after, I tied Raudi to the hitching post and took Signy out again. She of course didn’t want to go out a second time, but once we got going, focused on the task at hand. We were heading up Samovar Road when I decided to ask her to canter. She said fine, and picked up this gait. I had her slow back to a trot, and then a few minutes later, asked her to canter again. Again, she did as asked, going at a very fast clip.

We returned home, and I saddled up Tinni and again took Raudi out again. Raudi did even better this time, staying behind my knee. Tinni grew increasingly more animated. This must have been a much needed change of routine for him.

It later occurred to me that Signy is now assisting both Raudi and me in moving forward by being a very dependable, but fast moving horse. Tinni has never been as forward as Signy now is. I still value, and will always value his steady eddy attitude. But I now really need Signy’s get up and go attitude. It is going to assist both Raudi and me in regaining what we’ve lost, the ability to move effortlessly, and fast.

As for moving forward, for me personally, I’m now working on several writing projects, all are going quite well. Raudi’s Story is out there and doing well. Raising Raudi and Headwinds are both being illustrated. Road Songs will soon be an ebook. And I’ll soon start revising this year’s dispatches. If anyone out there has any favorites, please do let me know.

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