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November 28, 2012: More on Moving Forward

So today I made some tentative steps, in my attempt to both enable Raudi and myself to again move forward. I’m not at all a big phone talker – I use phones to get the business at hand done. Sometimes I will talk, that is with people who are easy to talk to. But I don’t like having to call people I don’t know, or asking people I don’t know for any kind of information. This was why phone banking was such an onerous task.

I decided to call John Parke, who has ridden thousands of miles on his Icelandic horses, mostly training for and competing in endurance trail rides. I had emailed him, but hadn’t gotten a response. This made calling even more difficult.

John turned out to be a kindred spirit—he too believes that Icelandic horses most enjoy being on the trail, and that (for example) the focus on competition and getting Icelandics to tolt is an example of narrow-minded thinking. “People don’t

realize what these horses are capable of,” he said, adding “these horses do well as our friends.”

Slowly, I began talking, telling him about Signy and Hrimmi, and how well they’re doing on the trail, and about how Pete and Siggy have bonded. And as I talked, I realized that, as far as Icelandic horses go, I’ve become like a rusted hinge. For instance, I did not fully talk about what I know or some of the things I do last Sunday when at the big horse stable.

John also had some good suggestions about saddle fit. It turns out that he’s now using a Sensation treeless saddle – debunking the myth that they don’t provide enough back support. He finally suggested that I try using a sheepskin under the saddle pad – that it allows for more movement. So, I’m going to give this a go.

Other things that happened today: I went for a ride on Signy, taking Hrimmi along. It was a blustery, windy ride – but once again, the pair did wonderfully, as later did Tinni. Signy is being very forward, totally enjoying herself. And I’m not at all afraid of her power or speed. So, maybe Signy is preparing me for what’s ahead with Raudi.

I lunged Raudi a bit, and I stood with her in the paddock. I got the sense, as I attempted to do body work on her neck, that she’d like to enjoy this, but can’t because it hurts. So maybe Sunday’s chiropractic visit will help.

Yes, there was some movement forward today. I’m going to talk to a few other people, as hard as this might be for me to do. Maybe, just maybe, it will get easier.

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