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November 22, 2012: Thankful. . .

It was, oddly enough, one of the best thanksgivings ever. The day began with me going to yoga with my neighbor Judy. She has a new vehicle, and it has heated seats. What a great way to wake up, your butt getting warm as the new day begins. You can’t sit on a wood stove going full throttle, but you can sit comfortably in a car seat. . . . And the conversation, idle chatter, was good both ways.

It was Thanksgiving yoga, and there were 17 people in the Yoga in the Valley Studio. It was like being in a spiritual tin can. I knew it would be crowded, and I had prepared for this in advance –so I was able to deal. I really enjoyed the sun salutations. And then at the end of class, the sun came streaming in the far window, so for a brief moment, I could hardly see. But I was grateful to be able to see.

Pete made the Thanksgiving meal, and I took care of the animals. I then started to take Signy and Hrimmi for a ride, while at the same time ponying Rainbow. Pete decided at the last moment to come along. Animals were all over the place. Our neighbor is home and out on his four wheeler. I was grateful that he went the other way.

My father called mid-day. I was grateful that he’s still alive and able to hold a thought together.

My friend Victoria showed up at 1 p.m., and she, Pete, and I went for a ride. Victoria rode Tinni, and used my saddle. So I rode Raudi and used an older treeless saddle without stirrups so that there was no pressure on her back. The ride was initially difficult for me because I’m used to stirrups. And Raudi was in a pissy mood, most likely because she didn’t want to leave the hitching post hay pile. But things went better as we went along. We did a road ride so that Pete could show Victoria some property for sale. Once on the trails, Raudi and I went downhill very nicely. She was at times jumpy, but I was grateful because she’s now really a reliable riding horse.

This ride was different than last year’s. Last year Pete and I went riding with Carol – it was gray, overcast, and there was a few feet of snow on the ground. We could hear the snowmobilers in the woods, going wweweeeeeweeeee. This year, it was sunny, and there was no snow on the ground. I’m grateful the weather’s holding. Every day now that I get to ride is a gift.

Once back at home, Victoria went inside to get warmed up, and Pete resumed cooking. It was a wonderful meal – we had a salad, fish, potatoes, and pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert. It actually was a meal like many that we have. But it was special because I was . . . grateful for it.

The truth is, I have much to be grateful for. I live with a wonderful fellow, have good friends, and all these animals. And today Raudi’s Story was posted as an e-book. This is a book that was to have remained sitting on my desk. But Pete and Chris brought it to life.

And what does Raudi think of this? She’s pleased because I’m pleased. When I’m riding her, and I’m happy, she’s happy. She then gives out a series of soft snorts. Today was one of those days.

I hope that everyone in the world (not just the US) had as good a day as I had. I guess that the important thing is to make note of the ones that are exceptional. Tomorrow, I think, is going to be much the same.

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