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January 7, 2012: Stairway to Heaven

It’s a dark time of year, probably the very worst time of all to be attempting to find a publisher for Long Ride Home. Publisher and agent rejections just seem to affirm that it isn’t any good, and that I’m spinning my wheels. This is an apt analogy, since right now it’s easy to get one’s truck wheels stuck. I’m dealing, by moving back and forth between marketing efforts and revising Raudi’s Story.

I don’t believe in predestination. Rather, I believe in self realization, and all that goes with it. Self-realization enables one to develop a good mental attitude. A good attitude opens mental doors, making it easier to learn. Learning leads to self-growth. Self growth leads to inner peace. Inner peace leads to one’s being able to divest themselves of their ego. And divesting oneself of their ego enables one (when the time comes) to step with assuredness and good humor

Our new stairs
Our new stairs

into the portal that leads to the fourth dimension.

I made an apt metaphorical comparison as I first admired, and then stood on the first step, of Pete’s most recent kitchen renovation. This past week he took apart the stairs and then rebuilt them. After, he sanded and varnished them. I realized that I could not physically nor mentally leap from the bottom-most to the topmost stair. Instead, I can only go from one stair to the next.

I put my left foot on the first tread, and then I bid my right foot to follow. And there I stood for some time, thinking. Some are born with a good attitude. Mine’s slowly being acquired. This, for me, was an important self-realization.

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