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October 21, 2012: The Week In Review

It’s now October 21 – winter solstice is exactly two months away. It won’t be this light again until February 21, which is four months away. I gotta head outside and suck up the dwindling sunlight. This, after writing this all-important and all inclusive dispatch.

I’ve considered writing a weekly dispatch (on Sundays) and calling it “This Week In Review.” In tone and voice, it would be like the Sunday New York Times Week in Review. There are, I have come to realize, a few related problems. One is the nature of dispatches themselves. When I write, I generally focus on a day’s most relevant event or insight.

However, on most days there are several events or insights, some occurring simultaneously. I can’t write about them all, otherwise the dispatches would read like a diary entry. It’s sometimes a tough call. Like yesterday, in addition to visiting the Lively’s, I also visited April Lewis. She’s an amazing woman who has constructed this phenomenal homestead that among other things includes a shop that has a radiant floor heating system and in terms of square footage is larger than our main cabin.

I considered writing about the events that I did write about, but then realized that I’d need to provide a context for each. This would take a lot of time. Plus, readers would skip over these seemingly redundant dispatches.

The other problem has to do with my cognitive abilities. I’m having an increasingly more difficult time recalling the consequential events of the day before. I say difficult time because I can, if I make a conscious effort, recall them. For example, I can’t easily recall who I rode yesterday without stopping to think about it. However, I can easily recall the inconsequential events of many years back. For example, most recently, the names of all the students and teacher in my sixth grade class came back to mind. Phooey on short term memory loss. And hurrah for long term memory gain. The past is a great place to reside because of its subjective nature. Details are added and omitted in order to fit in with one’s current world view.

A month in review would be easier. A year in review easier still. And a decade in review a snap. As for a life in review, the life isn’t over yet, so this would be a bit premature. However, I am soon going to start working on writing my own obituary. This will be a literary ground breaking effort, since no one I know has ever done this. I’ll add details as the year progresses, and make note of my major accomplishments. My biographer will have permission to do style-related editing. But that’s all.

Back to the week in review -- the past and future are now, so I’m leaning towards writing about what happens on Sundays, and foregoing my coming up with any kind of summation/interpretation. Kiss still means Keep It Simple Stupid.

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