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January 6, 2011: Raudi’s Story

I haven’t had any luck getting agents or publishers to yet bite on taking Long Ride Home. This, I have concluded, means that I must change how I’m doing things. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to first publish an eBook.

There was a time when I balked at doing such a thing. Print was, and is, my primary means of communication. At least that’s what I’ve always asserted. But I’ve come to see that the world of publishing is changing at a very fast pace. If I’m to succeed as a writer, I’m going need to consider other options.

I saw an eBook on my friend Dawn’s iPad and was immediately impressed. The writer had combined graphics, videos, and words, and created an interesting children’s book about a dog. Kids could, as they read along, make choices, making the book interactive.


The wheels began turning, and I began mulling over the prospect of putting together an eBook. I went back to an early draft of what was then Raudi’s Story, and reread it. I’d shuttled back and forth between my point of view and Raudi’s. I abandoned this draft because there was little difference between mine and her takes on her early life.

I noticed that Raudi’s Story, (as she tells it) could easily stand on its own. In other words, it’s stood the test of time. I’ve since contacted an illustrator, who’s interested in doing the artwork. And Pete’s going to do some research on publishing eBooks.

I’ve always considered online publishing to be a notch below print publishing. But I’m now of the mind that this will be an experiment of sorts. This, an Icelandic horse narrative, will have a fairly strong readership. And it might open publication doors that have previously been closed. I have nothing to lose, for otherwise, this draft will remain in the proverbial filing cabinet.

I asked Raudi what she thought of this, and she said to go for it. That’s all the encouragement that I now need. This, in relation to looking for a publisher for Long Ride Home, will be a side venture.

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