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October 8, 2012: Everything that Rises Must Converge

Another good title, this one from a book by Flannery O’Conner. They should have a title hall of fame – maybe locate it next the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Then there would be something for everyone in this town.

A busy day today, most of it spent outdoors. I finally figured out that I gotta get out when the getting is good. My life, I realized today, would be considerably different without animals. I’d be more sedentary. And there would again be days when I would not venture outside. Instead, I’m where the action is.

Finally, the outside stuff, at least my end of it, is squared away. Pete and I moved the pallets up to the main cabin and cut them apart with the Skill saw. So they are no longer down at the new compost facility. And I emptied the remaining manure filled five gallon buckets into Andre’s trailer. They had filled with water during the recent storms.

And along with Pete, I got all the animals out. We first took Tinni and Rainbow for a walk. Then Pete walked Hrimmi and I rode Signy. (This because it was foggy and there was limited visibility.) Then, later, we took Raudi and Signy for a longer ride, to Moose Creek and back home. Their feet are tender because they’re shoeless. Also, rain has softened their soles. The creek wasn’t as high or raging as I thought it might be. Still, it did seem formidable. Raudi stood checking it out – I could tell that she wanted a shot at crossing it. I says no, because cowardice runs in my blood.

On the ride home the sun came out for a bit. It’s been days since the sky has been anything but overcast. It was like my bones were drying out. I’m sure the horses felt similarly.

Finally, the situation with the horses down the road: Animal Control isn’t going to do anything because the situation is not yet a problem, meaning, the horses are not overly thin. So I’ve decided not to do anymore, and to look the other way. It bothers me, to be needlessly spinning my wheels.

In the meantime, I have five horses that need my time and attention. I’m back to thinking that I’m doing the right thing by putting my energies into caring for them.

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