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October 7, 2012: Precipitous

Precipitous means to rain heavily. Also, it means (I think) uneventful. So perhaps it was a precipitously precipitous day. Rain’s been coming down in sheets. I’m learning to deal, like they do in Oregon.

Early on, well, not so early, Pete and I took Rainbow and Signy for a walk. Signy did not whinny for Hrimmi, and Hrimmi didn’t whinny for Signy. They are weaned, but still good buddies. This is perfect for Signy, who is the odd one out in the herd. Tinni, Raudi, and Siggi are long-time buddies. Raudi, Siggi, and Signy were buddies on the trail, but not on the home front. However, Signy is not to be pitied – she always manages to get the coveted shelter spot after I set out the feed. I don’t quite know how she does this, but she does this.

After the walk, Pete and I partially dismantled the foal shed, and took the plywood off the gate. Then we opened up the gate. This was of course a space configured change. So the horses mingled about, trying to figure out what was where and who went where.

Hrimmi spent the afternoon hanging out with Signy and Siggi. No surprise, she has spent considerable time with both, while in her foal stall. She’s now five months old (where does the time go?), and I’m thinking, now well able to hold her own with the big horses. Yes, I do wish she had other foals to play with, but console myself by thinking that she really has it quite good.

I kept my eye on the goings on as I pulled the wire mesh off the last of the old compost station pallets. And you know what? Even though I was working in the pouring rain, I was happy. The feeling was akin to having solved a major writing related problem. As one progresses as a writer, the problems become more complex. And sometimes it takes years for breakthroughs to occur. The analogy is that in this instance, I again felt the sense of completion that comes after a great deal of hard work.

Then this afternoon, my friend Victoria came over. We had planned to work with Hrimmi and then go and work with her foal Andi. But the weather brought about a change in plans. We decided to forego working with Hrimmi and went to talk to Misty, Andi’s owner, about various things, like deworming protocol. The visit went well. Then after we went to check out some property that I thought Victoria might be interested in.

Much to my surprise, I got Victoria’s wheels turning. She lives a long ways from here, so our working with our horses is going to be difficult. Her living close would be a great deal of fun, since she too is as obsessed about horse care and the subject of horse behavior as I am. I have my fingers crossed, but of course am not going to pressure her to make this decision.

Lastly, woven through the day was the issue of the horses down the way, who do not have adequate shelter, food, or water. I finally had to act – I let people who I thought might be able to do something about this know about the situation, and now something is being done.

A tough call for me, on many levels. But I looked at what my horses have, and realized that these others horses deserve the same.

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