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October 1, 2012: Under the Weather

I now fully understand this term. To be under the weather literally means to be out in the rain. To be under the weather figuratively means to be depressed.

It’s been raining hard now for about 12 hours. Like before, a cold, constant downpour. But I am not at all depressed about this. I am actually pleased, because all the animals here have access to clean, dry shelters. It was no mean feat, getting them all squared away. Took years. But now I can rest easy.

I, of course, am thinking about the mare and foal across the way, for they don’t have access to shelter. I talked to Melinda

today, we stood in the pouring rain, in our raingear, she holding a handful of assorted pieces of barb wire. She’s planning on fencing the entire ten acres. I played good cop, and asked her if she needed any help. She politely said no. But she added that she might need an assist in the next few days.

She also told me that in addition to working on the fencing, that her son Chad is going to have the old vehicles hauled off. This can only mean one thing – he’s thinking about selling the place. I’m sure that his price will be higher than we can afford – but if he is thinking about unloading it before power comes in, he’s desperate.

And so in the meantime, I kept myself busy today, cleaning up outside the place (in the rain) and cleaning up inside the place (out of the rain).

Usually, at this time of year, you see the fruits of your efforts if you are, as I am, a farm frau. We have carrots, turnips, and potatoes in our root cellar, and jars of blueberry, raspberry, strawberry jam on our shelves. We also have fish, frozen and canned. And veggies, frozen. And squash, ready to put in storage.

We have hay in the barn, and bucketed water on the porch. (This will save on our having to run the generator.) New buildings include the hay shed, new compost facility, and run-in shed. The high tunnel is secure, and the veggies in it and the greenhouse and adjacent two gardens have been harvested. Some kale, which is very hardy, remains.

So now I will continue working with the horses, and also turn my focus on working inside. Like I said yesterday, I have big plans. Getting my resource materials in order and moving them down to my cabin is next on my list.

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