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September 30, 2012: Déjà vu all over again

Had a hard frost last night. This morning it was a bit cold. However, this beautiful clear, crisp fall day materialized into one full of promise and hope for the future. First of all, the new compost facility is now up and running. Pete put metal roofing on the inside of the three bays, and finished the roof. I cleaned out the hay shed, and with my fish hauler, that is my grrrrrrrrl toy, happily hauled and emptied the hay dregs in the first stall.

I’m pleased because it is an instance in which I followed through on an idea. Yes, I had more help than I deserved. However, having the new structure up is going to make my life a lot easier. As importantly, it is going to serve as a model for those looking for innovative ways of implementing manure management.

Secondly, I went with my friend and former student Victoria Feo to check out a three month old Icelandic foal – and she ended up purchasing him. It was like déjà vu because it so much reminded me of our picking out Raudi. There was one central difference. This was that it took me a few days before I realized that Raudi had picked me out. On the other hand, Victoria knew this immediately.

Reiker has a wonderful disposition – but is also energetic and lively. He stood quietly on lead, but when freed, raced about with great abandon, his half white, half black tail flipped over his back. I took several photos because I wanted to acknowledge that this was a special day in both Victoria and Reiker’s life.

It was a no brainer. Victoria purchased him, and she and Misty signed a contract. Now her older horse, a rocky mountain horse named Dustani, will have a life-long companion.

Indeed, some people showed up after Victoria signed on the dotted line – they didn’t linger, and this made me think some about those horses who fall into the wrong hands. This one though, got a good home.

After, we came home and I passed on my now dog eared copy of Christine Schwartz’s The Joy of Icelandics to Victoria. It’s the copy that Virginia Crawford passed on to me.

I didn’t have time to dwell on either big event – after Victoria left, Pete and I went for a short ride, him ponying Signy and me riding Raudi. Then after, we did evening chores.

And it never ends. Tomorrow Josh the farrier is going to put in an appearance.

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