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September 29, 2012: An Email from Rae McFarland

This is an email from my friend Rae McFarland:

Hey A

I do not care for pop music. I am not a fan of Madonna. I have critically assessed her strange way of presenting feminism without discrediting her methods. I expected a long long night.  WRONG.

She demonstrated amazing ability to send a message about our fucked up sense of self or place in society. How we are slaves to expectations of others or to the whims of society including men and commercialism.  She used imagery, song and theatrics to make us think of our ability to recreate ourselves and to go ahead and do so. She mocked society's passive acceptance of violence. She jeered at the crowd for making her a slave to them and they a slave to her. I would think most were too stupid to understand this. After she dramatized her slavery through an amazing dance and song where she writhed in pain with some clothes stripping, she turned on the crowd and revealed netted like underwear/thong ass. They roared in appreciation of her "sexy" display not knowing she mooned them.

I was stunned. I stand corrected. She has depth and is struggling to find her moral compass and that of society. She has anger at her past. She feels wronged and angry at herself. Very interesting person. Fucked up too. Lol. Aren't we all.

Good night


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