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September 1, 2012: Returning Home

No road trip can last forever; otherwise, it merely becomes a way of life. The sophists, who were peripatetic teachers, were the first to articulate this to others. Rae and I began our homeward journey this morning, a bit soon for me because I very much wanted to continue to talk with Nancy and other old friends. Playing catch up takes a long time when you’re amongst kindred spirits.

We wisely decided to leave early, because we knew that the longer part of our trek, the drive on the Richardson Highway, would take a long time. This was a good call because the homeward journey took 10 hours. We arrived back at my place at 8 p.m., shortly before dark.

I’m not at all experienced at driving great lengths, so I found this part of the trip to be challenging. And rain began falling in the early afternoon, making the road slippery in places.

Rae, a very gregarious sort, was the human coffeepot, seemingly bubbling over with observations about her inner, and the outer landscape. She’s also uninhibited, the opposite of myself. For example, a telling incident: We were going into the Delta Jct. Grocery when we saw them, two people attempting to sell raffle tickets. No problem here, except for the fact that it was for an assault rifle.

I let the people manning the booth know how I felt about this by muttering things under my breath. However, Rae stepped right up to the plate and began asking questions about the gun, and what these people were doing. As she talked, it appeared as though she was not passing judgment on the situation. That, of course came later.

I just could not talk with these people, who are bona-fide idiots. In fact, my thinking of what they’re doing makes me hot under the collar.

We continued on, me seething and foaming at the bit, Rae explaining that such venues for guns aren’t allowed in Canada. Then, back to taking in the always beautiful scenery. That made up for what to me seemed to be a completely nonsensical, and utterly insane proposition.

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