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August 27, 2012: The Canadian/American Exchange Program

Rae and I had a good day together. We first went for a horseback ride around the hood, and then did a hike up to the bench. As I talked with her, I realized how withdrawn I’ve become. I have not had very many lengthy conversations with people lately. So, our conversing at length about a wide variety of topics has been good for me.

From what I can see, Canada is in many ways more progressive than the U.S. They have a national health care system, which insures that every Canadian citizen gets medical coverage. So, say if my friend Carol was a Canadian, she’d qualify for health care benefits. As it is, she’s gone south of the U.S. border to get

Rae overlooking the Tanana River

breast cancer treatment. Still, if she survives, and this is a big if, she’s going to end up destitute.

So why don’t we have this sort of set-up here? Rae rightly says that people (in general) aren’t thinking in terms of the greatest good for the greatest number. If they were (for example) they’d have no qualms about paying taxes. This makes perfect sense to me.

I asked Rae if other Canadians are as politically astute as she is – she said no, that she’s an exception. If she had said otherwise, I would pack my bags and return to Canada with her.

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