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August 17, 2012: Raudi’s Story, Continued

Chris Romano and I had a scheduled conference call with Nan and Patti, who own Dark Horse Media. This was for 7 a.m. this morning. I’m not a morning person, and I knew this was a stretch, but I agreed because Chris would soon be taking off on a horse pack trip.

I was awoken at dawn by the phone – we purchased a second one, and put it in my study, which is far too close to our sleeping quarters. I was, as the phone rang, in the midst of a dream. This was one of those dreams where you think you are not dreaming. I had traveled to California to meet with Nan and Pat. I then found myself in a strange town, in a warehouse type building. The publicist was surrounded by a group of people. He wasn’t a publicist. I had come such a long ways that I simply blended into the group.

I was trying to figure out what was going on when the call came through. Pete answered the phone and I staggered around a bit while Nan attempted to get us

all connected. I had 15 seconds to get my act together. I never did. The conversation actually went as expected – Nan and Patti were cordial, and tried very hard to be helpful. Bottom line – they don’t have the expertise needed to provide what Chris and I need – an agent and/or a publisher. This is our missing link. And it’s a very important and illusive link.

Rather, Patti and Nan agreed that they could assist with marketing and editing, in relation to marketing. This may very well bode well for us in future endeavors. But right now, we need an agent and publisher.

Talking with the two was good for me because it made me realize that I do know a lot about publishing, and some about marketing. There is a very specific market for this book, and it is those who have an interest in Icelandic horses. Our putting this out around Christmas, when the Hobbit movie comes out, is only going to be to our advantage. It’s just going to take an agent with foresight to make this happen. And it will. I can’t let myself think otherwise.

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