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August 12, 2012: Lucky Me

I often ask myself, how did I get so lucky? I have this incredible sister, who I admire greatly. I just can’t seem to spend enough time with her. She amazes me. She’s my mother’s caretaker, and does an incredible job, making sure that all things are taken care of. And she arose to the challenge on this trip—making sure that her parent was comfortable the entire time. There were the little things – like reminding her to lift her foot when she steps on and off escalators. And there were the big things—like making sure that she doesn’t over extend herself. I wish I had Eleanor’s patience, good humor, and positive outlook. For me, it’s just something to aspire to.

It’s also a plus that Eleanor is physically active. This morning we went for a very long walk – one that took us over the Burrard Bridge, and past a marina. The most interesting sight of all was that of a man flying three kites – we stood and watched him for a long, long, time.

If Eleanor wasn’t active, if say, she had no interest in taking long walks – I would be deeply disappointed. Yep, I got lucky.

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