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August 11, 2012: Victoria Bound

It was an ambitious idea on Eleanor and Bob’s part – to go to Victoria. Their thinking was that mother, age 83, would enjoy seeing the world famous Buchart Gardens. This, I learned, would involve our taking several buses, a subway, a ferry, and a taxi. I wasn’t totally up for this because I was still feeling sub par. But, because I’m not one to disappoint, I went along with the program.

Getting to Victoria was logistically quite tricky. Bob was up most of the night, figuring out how to do this. The trek there and back included a lot of walking, and some standing around in the hot sun. And (again) Eleanor had an uncommon cold, and Mother and I had common colds.

Elenor and Mom's friend Bob

We did it – taking in the gardens in the heat of the day – Eleanor and Bob pushed Mother, who opted to see the sights from the vantage point of a wheelchair. I followed along behind. Alas, my plant and flower IQ is low. I kept asking what things were. You’d think that by now that I’d be able to tell the difference between a petunia and a pansy. You’d think. But by the afternoon’s end, everything was a blur of reds, and blues, and pinks.

We didn’t stay in Victoria; rather, we reversed direction and returned to Vancouver. I was sorry to leave. I thought the place merited a more lengthy stay. I would have liked to have spent a few days checking out the garden, and then spent time in the town.

What really was most amazing was how mother did. It was an arduous trek, that is one that would tire out a fit person It wasn’t easy for her, but she kept pace with us youngers. Very impressive for someone who is 83 years old. I can only hope that I’m in that good of shape when I’m her age.

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