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August 8, 2012: Really Sick

Some people take drugs when they get colds. I just let the illness take its course. This cold is intent on pulling me down into the ground and leaving me there. The last time I was this sick was in 1996, when Pete and I were living in Plymouth, NH. The simple cold turned into a nasty sinus infection. I was laid up for about two weeks. Well, I’m not that sick. But I’m sick.

Eleanor said that they now recirculate the air on planes. (Is this why they call them airplanes?) So the stuff that’s coming up out of people’s lungs and mouths and noses is going into other people’s lungs and mouths and noses. This is not right. This is reverse terrorism. The focus of the TSA should change -- when people check in, they should either have a note from their doctor, or subject themselves to a physical. Only healthy people should travel. Or, maybe someone can start an airline for healthy travelers. Or, just give us all an allotment of fresh oxygen.

I sometimes have really good ideas. This is one of my best.

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