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July 26, 2012: Update

Lots is going on here, all good. I often wonder, how did we get so lucky? We have so much. Most have far less. I made a wise decision, deciding to forego having children. Seriously, providing for increased numbers is much harder than providing for oneself. And doing it well is even more difficult.

The Mine Situation: This is tops on the list. Usibelli was denied their permit because it technically expired in 1996 (when they did not file for an extension when they did not We NIMBYS now better know how to deal with land rapers. This news, combined with a slow world market, has forced them to suspend operations. Everyone in this area who has a brain in their head is relieved. Moving is not now a priority for us, as it was a few months ago.

Garden: We are now seeing the fruits (and vegetables) of nine years of effort. We are now harvesting strawberries, kale, spinach, salad greens, rhubarb, broccoli, and fava beans.

Hay: We’re on top of it. It’s been a bad hay year-cold, rainy. Those farmers who have good hay are those who took advantage of small windows of good weather time. Pete (fortunately) had a connection. Yesterday he scored, got 21 bales at $6.00 apiece. It’s dry grass hay, will supplement our $12.00 a bale stuff. And we now have a hayshed, so it will be less likely to mold.


New hayshed
New hayshed-boards and a gate are yet to come

Horses: Raudi and Siggi remained sound and in good health after the competitive trail ride. Last night Pete took his horse, and I took mine for a ride to Grizzly Camp. We alternated ponying Signy, and Hrimmi came along. So did Rainbow and Jenna. The distant mountains were tinged pink, as were the fields, which were dotted with fireweed. Turned out to be a beautiful evening ride.

Hrimmi: The DNA test results came back, and Hrimmi’s daddy is Skor, who is an Icelandic. She’s the largest Icelandic foal that I’ve ever seen, which had me worried. I was wondering if perhaps a quarter horse had gotten into the mix. No, her size is partially due to genetics. good nutrition, and plenty of exercise. This morning she was out in the yard. I haltered her and, following behind Signy, lead her back in the pen. I’m relieved that she’s so easy to work with.

Dogs: Yesterday Pete clipped Jenna. I remarked to him that she looks like she went through a mangle. This is the presser thing on an old washer. The one consolation is that she’s now more comfortable. Rainbow is enjoying the daily trail rides.

Goats: Never been happier.

Chickens: We’re averaging an egg a day. I think that Snooki is slacking and that Henny Penny Palin is doing all the work.

mine within three years), so they’ll have to put in for another permit if they wish to reapply. This is going to take years. And furthermore, they’ll now encounter greater resistance.

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