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Dispatch, December 27, 2011: Between Christmas and New Year’s

This is the time of year in which I reflect upon the past year and consider the upcoming year. I usually do this as I straighten up my writing area. I go through drafts of paper tossed into my crate, and think about what I did and did not get accomplished.

It was a tough year as far as neighborly relations go. A year ago I’d decided to cease working on the area comprehensive plan. Others then picked up the slack. Then in August a handful of individuals decided to do away with the work of many. We now have a new community council that is one that is decidedly pro-coal. The question that

Snow from upstairs window

now hangs in the balance is what is to become of us? Should the Wishbone Hill Mine go in, we will have to move. Oddly enough, my knowing that we stand to lose what we have here makes it all that more valuable to me. I do not take this place or the surrounding area for granted. Each day here is a gift that I cherish.

It was a good year on the animal front. There are times when I wonder if there was a trip, because it all seemed to happen so fast. But I am reminded that yes we did ride a long ways on our horses when I take Raudi or Siggi out. Both are far more mature than they were before we left. And I’m a far more confident rider. Tinni returned here with (we think) tender feet. I began by walking him, and then I slowly resumed riding him. He’s now doing really well again.

And there’s Signy. I have times when I still can’t believe we own her. I remember calling Andrea from the top of Vail, at Eagle’s Nest, and beginning the negotiations. I did this from there because it felt like a power spot. After all we’d all been through, it would have been a sad day had we retrieved our trailer, loaded her up, and returned her to Gulnare, CO. Instead, we brought her home with us. And now there’s Signy Junior. Pete is now looking up the word for Vagabond, meaning Drifter, in Icelandic. This is what we are planning on naming the foal.

I’ve been reading a book titled “Bless the Broodmares” which is an excellent book for those who own mares that are going to foal. I get a bit unnerved, reading about all that can go wrong. Pete, however, is upbeat and optimistic about the upcoming event. His attitude puts me at ease.

And then there’s the goats. Ranger, Rover, and Peaches are now in near hibernation mode. They haven’t been inclined to go with me when I go riding. Too cold, too snowy. Far better to hang out by the horse hitching post and eat hay dregs.

And then there’s the dogs. Rainbow’s nickname remains Doggie Hotel. And Jenna’s remains Separation Anxiety.

And then there are the chickens. I can tell, Nimby and Henny Penny Palin are the most eager for spring to appear.

So the big question now is, will we do Part II of our trip in 2012? We’ll see. In the meantime, I reside in the cusp between one holiday and the other.

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